Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I'm sick of bingeing, I'm sick of being fat, I'm sick of hating myself , I'm sick of my body, I'm sick of my friends, I'm sick of my family, I'm sick of living, I'm sick of everything.
And no ones cares. 

I've been feeling really negative throughout the week, I've been pretty depressed. And of course, I began bingeing - which made me hate myself more. Also, all week we've been allowed to dress down for school (wear whatever we wanted) which I really didn't want to do. I only have 1 skirt out of all my clothes that I actually feel half-comfortable wearing, and I can't wear that the whole week or else I'd look a bit poor.
Well, I've decided to stop moaning and feeling sorry for myself.
I'm going to go on a 7-day water fast. After that I might do a longer one.
I've done 1-day fasts before, so I'm pretty excited to be doing a full week. This will get me back on track - this will make me skinny. I'll be starting tomorrow (Thursday).    :)
Also, Mum's going to book a zumba class for me and her tomorrow evening, I hope i'm not the youngest one there... What if it's filled with fat, middle-aged woman? :/ meehh.

I'm going to change. I will be beautiful, skinny and proud.
Thinspo of the day;
her hair

If she can do it - so can I.

This describes me perfectly

When I get thin, I'm so gonna get a boyfriend ;)

-M xoxo

"Two words: SELF CONTROL."

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  1. I can totally relate with the feelings you described!